Below are several hinges from varies IABs, GABs and PABs. Some are the same but, I think it is important to show them more then once because of the application they are used in. Some are soldered directly to the badge while others sit in a recess. Some are crimped in place and some soldered to a plate soldered to the badge.

This picture shows a raised barrel  hinge (what I call a standard hinge) which sits in a recess. Note the badge is marked F.O.
This raised barrel hinge you will see used in many applications. Sometimes it sits like this, others it maybe on it's side.
  This hinge is the same as the one above. This time it's soldered to a plate affixed to the badge itself.
  This is a nice small raised barrel hinge on a Panzer Assault badge.
 A inset ball type hinge which has a plate crimped around it. notice the JFS makers mark.
This nice barrel hinge is close to the type most often found on Luftwaffe badges.
Like the hinge above, this one is very similar to the Junckers hinge commonly found on their Pilot badge.
 This cast hinge meaning it was cast with the badge is found on late war badges.


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