Legend :

1 )The " Jew Temple " , attracted many Russian heavy caliber artillery attacks , because the Soviets suspected German artillery observers at this point.

2 ) GPU Prison : Main defense point for the fighting in the East section.  It was here that Hptm. Biecker earned his KC and also was Killed on 01.05.1942

3 ) Das Kino : main Soviet starting place for attacks against the GPU prison

4 ) Alte Panzernest : Soviet tanks mainly gathered here before attacks against the East part of the city

5 ) Red Ruined : place of savage fighting that changed possession several times during the siege, also a place where snipers (both sides) were positioned.

6 ) der " Lausepelz " : one of the main enemy infantry positions, gathering points

7 ) der " Nordfriedhof " : or Northern cemetery , in the nearby church tower there was a main Soviet artillery observing point and was very well fortified by the Russian troops

8 ) Kirche im Osten : or Church in the East, fighting position that was the HQ for fights in this section ( East section ) of the Cholm Pocket, also German artillery observers point

9 ) HQ Kampfgruppe " Scherer "

10 ) Die Haarnadelkurve : so- called because of its pointy appearance, main place where Germans dropped supply containers, main medical posts and ammunition were stored here ( in the Western part )

11 ) Air field : the improvised landing strip where JU 52s and Go 242s landed, was situated in no man's land