By Stijn David 

Acknowledgement and Reference page

This article was born out of my research work into the battle of Cholm but could never be written without the generous support from many collectors from around the world, who allowed me either to make use of their treasures or who generously helped me in my search towards good reference material.  It is possible that updates become necessarily as new info comes available.

Therefore I would like to thank the following individuals : Broadhurst Grant, Calero Jaques, Charita Josef, Farré Angel, Gene, Heukemes Frank, Jewison Ian ,Komiya Akira, Polux, Saez Francois, Stahl Eric, Spiller Walter , Takiguchi Akira , Williamson Gordon , Winkler Kai, and many other anonymous collectors .

The following articles where used by the author when writing this article ,