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Fake/fausse Croix de Guerre Giraud on Ebay
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Default Fake/fausse Croix de Guerre Giraud on Ebay


perfect example of
- pimped lot (original paper lot with a fake medal added)
- Frankenstein fake ("old" Croix de Guerre + modern front/back repro parts)

We can add
- that the auction is in the "secret bidders" mode, something invented to protect fakers and to increase the bids with fake IDs
- the papers doesn't confirm at all that the guy was awarded the CDG Giraud

I contacted the seller dunkirschen40, telling him basic facts ("Frankenstein fake medal") but i didn't had any reply yet.

Pictures are better than explainations...

The fake Croix de Guerre Giraud of the lot

Closeups front/back of the fake Croix de Guerre Giraud

Now here is the original cross used for this "Frankenstein" : Croix de Guerre 1939-1945, London production

On this cross, the crook added modern front/back of the JMF Collections International model, sold as reproduction since the start of the 2000's.

Now here is the front/back of an original Giraud Croix de Guerre. No one can be fooled !

And finally, the ultimate study on that "Frankenstein"... Case closed.

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