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Mike Pinkus
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Ralph P
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Default Mike Pinkus

Name of WAF collector, membership level and known as on the WAF: Mike Pinkus, Moderator and was also known as Mike Pinkus on this forum. He had been a member of this forum since 27 December 2000. He passed away on Oct 2010.

WAF user account background:

Additionally, Mike Pinkus was Moderator of the following forums:
Tinnies & Political Badges Forum (http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/foru...splay.php?f=20)

Known background of collector:

Collecting interests: Tinnies, Tank badges

Articles, books published or other achievements:

Comments from fellow WAF forum membership (sampling from thread):
Somebody, after all, had to make a start. What we wrote and said is also believed by many others. They just don't dare express themselves as we did. Quote - Sophie Scholl - White Rose resistance group
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I had some dealings with Mike in the past. I did not know he passed away. Sad to hear this. Torsten.
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Originally Posted by torstenbel View Post
I had some dealings with Mike in the past. I did not know he passed away. Sad to hear this. Torsten.
he was murdered.realy sad.
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Originally Posted by besslein View Post
he was murdered.realy sad.
Here's a link about it.
Ralph, please delete it when you don't want it here.
Remind's me of the Murder of a Dealers Pair we had some Years ago after a Kassel Show.

Interested in everything related to the Allied Forces in Berlin 1945 - 1994
Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)
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I didn't know Mike was dead. The commentary is sad though. It's like a bar fight on that crime blog.
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james m
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It's been quite some time since 3 suspects were arrested and charged in this case. Are there any further updates as to the status?
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Yes, the youngest pled guilty, & got 6 years in a youth offender program and a 24-year suspended sentence.

The other two were both found guilty. Bailey got life plus 49 years; I could not find the sentence for Bassett.
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Bassett got life without parole this last December.
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That is good news, at least in the States you guys know how to give proper prison sentences, not like in Norway...
Exhumation and identification of missing soldiers in Russia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHGg...RTqlYv&index=1
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Originally Posted by Jean-Loup View Post
That is good news, at least in the States you guys know how to give proper prison sentences, not like in Norway...
Agreed! Norway does have its dark sides.
I collect KIA Wehrpässe from Poland 1939/Norway 1940/France 1940. And items from Zollgrenzschütz
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Well, Mike left this earth rather abruptly.....enough said about that.
I bought my first war badge from Mike at the SOS some years ago. I didn't know him very well but I remember him as very nice and energetic, and he had a lot of friends. An all around good guy.
That particular badge, a nickel silver ball hinge flak, was the first of a now substantial collection. I remember everything about the transaction and Mike and I shook hands when it was done. A very important badge to me.
Rest in peace Mike

Frank Dodge
Thinking of trading my badge collection for a Hayabusa or ZX14......or a good horse....
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Humberto Corado
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I had some dealings with Mike in the past, and it is very sad what happened to him, good to know that the perpetrators were sentenced.
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Sad story. I bought a few things from Mike. I sure hope this forum stays small.
Rest In Peace Mike
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Dennis GT
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Mike was one of the good guys. Loved his website and and had several personal contacts with him. He will be very, very missed.

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Sorely Missed
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Default Sorely Missed

I was a personal friend of Mike. I too did not know of his death until today. In the late 90's Mike and I would get together at his home and swap collectibles. We both lived in the Denver metro area and enjoyed each other's company and sharing new goodies with each other.

Mike was a gentle, kind and honest man. I always had great respect for him. He had health issues like me and as the years past into the new century, we touched based by e-mail once in a while. He was very devoted to his collection and our constant drive to find and acquire artefacts, especially enamels, and combat badges when they were affordable in the '90s.

To have known Mike personally was a real honour. I hope prices in Heaven are more reasonable for Mike than here.

May Mike Rest in Peace.

Dan Kelley
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