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The highly decorated Major Hienz Sundmacher of the GR. Rgt.431.  Received the Knights Cross on February 28, 1945.  He also revived the Close Combat Bar, German Cross in Gold, and Honor Roll of the Heer.

Hpt. Maximilian Wirsching, of Schw.Pz.Abt.507, Knights Cross on February 7, 1945, Ehrenblattspange on July 7, 1944.  He wears his decoration on the buttonhole as regulated.

Major Hans ENGELIEN duPz.Aufkl.Abt.12 Ritterkeuz on August 12, 1944, Eichenlaub on March 16, 1945.

Oberleutnant GŁnther Konopacki of Aufkl.Abt.168.  Knights Cross on December 19, 1943, Oak Leaves on March 23, 1945, Close Combat Badge in gold on March 17, 1945


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