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I have a few people whom I must thank for their assistance with this article.  

Bill Bourque and Ralph Heinz provided me with photos of several tropical items I didn't have.  

Diane Schreiber of Brandenberg Historica and Mike Pruett are both recognized experts who not only provided me with photographic examples but also agreed to give the article itself a read.  I am sincerely appreciative. 

Army Panzer experten Wade Krawczyk was also kind enough to provide examples from his collection.  

I must thank my friend and co-moderator, Colonel Scott Pritchett.  While on a short leave from his tour of duty in Afghanistan, Scott not only provided many wonderful examples from his Panzer and Grossdeutschland collection, but tore through the article itself with a meticulousness born of a man who packs his own parachute.  His suggestions all made noticeable improvements.  

Like all of us, I thank Sebastian Bianchi - not only for agreeing to the opening of a 'Uniforms' section, but for creating and maintaining this site, without which this article would be superfluous.  

And last, I must thank Cindy, my wife of 35 years.  She not only put up with my being on the computer for countless hours (her computer, I might add), but she ploughed through the final product, making sure that the photos were correctly tied to the text - and that it all made sense.


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