Condor Legion Wound Badge

The Condor Legion who fought in Spain in 1936-1939 did not have a wound badge, or any other award during the conflict. Upon their return to Germany after the victory of the forces guided by Gen. Franco, however, Condor Legion, or Spanish Wound Badge, was established on May 22, 1939. Its regulation stated that it was created...

“ a recognition badge to German Volunteers who had received wounds on action in the fight again Bolshevism during the 1936-1939 Spanish War of Liberation”.

All three classes were renewed, but the gold wound badge was not presented, as there was apparently no one that qualified to receive it. The Condor Legion Wound Badges were exactly like to the World War I wound badges (these dies were readily available) with the addition of a swastika on the Imperial Helmet. They were always hollow backs with the swastika high on the helmet, sharply defined, and flushed with the helmet. The award was now all-inclusive so no separate Wound Badge was created for the Kriegsmarine. It was possible for members of the Wehrmacht who were later wounded in the Second World War to receive the higher class of the award based on the possession of the Spanish type. Only 182 black badges and 1 silver badge were awarded after the civil war

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