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Member's Only Articles

Junker Pilot's Badges - A review of these badge by Ivan Bombardieri

Schwerin High Seas Fleet - A detailed study by Mike Kenny. Highly recommended reading.

Infantry Assault Badges - A definitive study of the this award by Yuri.  Featured in the Military Trader Magazine.

Schwerin Naval Badge- An informative article on the subject, by Robert Hudspith.  

Luftwaffe Badges Hinge Gallery   A small gallery of hinges from the Luftwaffe (David Tiffin).

Camo Helmets of the Heer - An article by Perry Floyd and Eric Wiborg.

Heer Badges Hinge Gallery A small gallery of different hinges from a variety of Heer Badges (David Tiffin)

Storage and Display Taken from a posting by Christopher Aislby, what to look out to safely store and display your collection.

Medals Cleaning and Restoration - A compilation of some posts dealing with this topic.

Meeting with Admiral Donitz - The true action adventures of Bill Stump and his audience with the Admiral.

50 Years of U-Boat Service - An informative article on the U-Boat Badge by Bill Stump

Relic from the Balkan Front / Anti-Partisan Badge - The third article by Bill Stump, a must read if you are into this topic.

Under the Scope - a series of detailed photographs.

The Army Balloon Badge - A long study on this subject by William Stump.


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