By Sebastián Bianchi

The use of shields to commemorate a battle was not unprecedented in German Military history.  While method is very appealing, it is somewhat limiting since there is a finite number of shields a soldier may wear.  These shields were worn permanently on the upper left sleeve of the service or dress uniform, and in the same place in an overcoat.  A soldier could be presented with more than one shield, and when this took place, the second shield was to be worn 5mm below the first one. 

During World War II there were officially instituted and presented shields, officially instituted but never produced shield, and toward the end of the war shields that were unofficially created by troops, usually under siege.  These pages focus on officially instituted/produced shields, but unofficial/prototypes and shields that were not mass produced are briefly covered in the section bearing that name.  Keep in mind that these prototypes and unofficial shields are extremely rare, and very difficult if not impossible to authenticate as a collectors item.  The menu to the right will guide you to pages dealing with Third Reich shields, and the battles that inspired them.


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