The manufacturer attribution of the cross below must be confirmed
Unmarked 10 rivets with an uncommon typical EK1 catch 
1 rivet in each branch of the star, 1 just above the hook and 1 under the catch.



No Mark, 10 rivets. 
The original design featured ten rivets on the reverse.  One was placed at the tip of each arm of the inner black sunburst, and two were positioned on the reverse of the wreath.

These early examples, as well as those slightly later pieces with six rivets also manufactured by Deschler, featured a very fine and, compared with later pieces, quite flimsy pin fitting.

The backing star is either heavily plated tombak, or according to some sources, real silver and invariably has a burnished finished rather than the matt silver finish of later pieces.

The magnificent specimen pictured here is in almost mint condition with all the original frosting to the obverse of the outer star, and original black finish to the inner star. This pieces weighs 70.4 gr and measures 63.5mm in "diameter". These early pieces do not feature the so-called "rippled" effect to the edges of the 1941 date plaque as found on many other German Crosses.

Model reported engraved with the name MALAPERT and marked ‘’I’’: W: 62.05mm / h: 62.55mm / weight: 65.25g


No mark, 6 rivets
The 10 rivet configuration was later reduced to six, still generally retaining the early flimsier pin through these stages.
Model observed W: 63.32 mm / H: 63.01 mm / Weight: 67.20 gr.
Model observed W: 62.90 mm / H: 62.79 mm / Weight: 59.63 gr.
Model reported W: 62.5 mm / H: 62.8 mm / Weight: 64 gr. 



Marked "1" outside, 4 rivets
Deschler finally standardized their construction with a four rivet configuration and a much larger , more robust pin fitting. Many of these four rivet German Crosses by this form will carry it's Präsidialkanzlei Lieferant code number "1" on the outside face of the pin. The Deschler firm use ball rivets in its German Cross construction.
Model observed W: 63.20 mm / H: 63.14 mm / Weight: 69.27 gr.
Model observed W: 63.18 mm / H: 63.08 mm / Weight: 67.75 gr. (DkiS)
Model reported: 63.5 mm / weight 63.5 gr.
Model reported W: 63.02 mm / H: 63 mm / Weight: 66.35 gr.




DESCHLER & Sohn, MUNICH, from mid 1942

No mark, 4 rivets