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Certificate #29865 awarded to Oberfeldwebel Ludwig Lohrengel in May 1940.

This document bears the signature of section chief Generalmajor Karl Barlen  who signed on behalf of the Chief of the Luftwaffe Personnel Office ("i.V." is "in Vertetung" = in deputation/signed for).

Generalmajor Karl Barlen (1890-1956) became a General der
Flieger and from April 1943 was CO of Slovakia ("Kommandant der Schutzzone Slowakei"). He suffered ten years of Russian captivity.

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Certificate #45829 awarded to Oberleutnant Erich Griewatsch in October 1940.

Compare this issue number with the document above .... a substantial increase in aircrew graduates over a period of less than five months!

This document bears the facsimile signature of General der Flieger Gustav Kastner-Kirdorf  who was Chief of the Luftwaffe Personnel Office of the RLM from September 1939 to February 1943.

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Certificate #109153 awarded to Leutnant Hans Peters in October 1942.  Peters went on to win the Honour Goblet (October 1942) and the German Cross in Gold (January 1945).

This document also bears the facsimile signature of General der Flieger Gustav Kastner-Kirdorf.

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Soldbuch and Wehrpass


A Luftwaffe Wehrpass entry which records the award of the "Doppelabziechen".  The recipient, Oberleutnant Günter Bach, a German Cross in Gold and Honour Goblet winner, also received the Bulgarian and Hungarian Pilot's Badges.


Fahnenjuncker-Feldwebel Erich Stender served with various Technisch Kompanies until late 1942 when he trained as a pilot, receiving his Pilot Badge on 6th September, 1943.  

Pictured to the right  is a page from his Soldbuch which records that he also obtained the Pilot-Observer badge in January 1945.  (Note that this page is an extra page glued over the existing awards due to the Soldbuch being full.)

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An entry in the Wehrpass of Major Peter Gaßmann.

Peter Gaßmann served with the Kriegsmarine from 1928 until 1934, prior to joining the Luftwaffe.  He served aboard the "Schleswig Holstein", "Hannover", "Niobe" and "Deutschland". From 1936 until 1938 he was with Bordfliegergruppe 196, a unit to be used in action as a shipborne unit on war ships. He then moved to Trägergruppe 186 based in Kiel-Holtenau for use from the Aircraft Carrier "Graf Zepplin" - unit renamed Sturzkampfgruppe I/186, taking part in the Polish campaign, France campaign. From 10.11.1939 until 13.8.1940 he served as the Technical Officer. The Gruppe later became I/Sturzkampfgeschwader 1 and was in action against England. Transferred to the Geschwaderstab in action against England, the British Fleet in the Mediterranean and Malta, the Balkan campaign and Crete, Russia (Bialystok/Minsk, Dniepr, Smolensk, Roslawl, Kiew). On 19.9.1941 Major Gaßmann was appointed Gruppen Kommandeur of III Gruppe - operations around Smolensk, Roslawl, Kiew, Orel, Tula and Moscow, in the Northern sector - unit used in ground combat and pinpoint strikes until 1943. Taken seriously ill he was in hospital from December 42 until July 43 when he was transferred to the Stab Admiral Nordmeer aboard the "Grille". Trained on FW 190 with Schlachtgeschwader 152, Spring 1944, and back to his old unit until the end of the war, now called Schlachtgeschwader 1. He was appointed Geschwader Kommodore on 1.4.1944. Completed over 800 combat missions. He died 6.9.1965. Awards include Honour Goblet (12.9.1941), German Cross in Gold (14.2.1942), Knights Cross (25.5.1942).

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