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Part V: Documents

The award of the EHRENPOKAL was also documented in the recipient's Soldbuch (entry dated 26.10.42 pictured left) and Wehrpass (corresponding entry pictured right).

Recipients' details were published in the "Ehrenliste der Deutschen Luftwaffe", a regularly issued bulletin which also recorded awards of the Deutsches Kreuz.

The following page from the Ehrenliste highlights the wide variety of aircrew who could receive the award - not only pilots, but radio operators, air gunners, flight engineers, navigators and meteorologists.

Note that the date engraved on an individual's EHRENPOKAL may differ with the issue date of the Ehrenliste in which their name appears - by up to 20 days.

Reproduction Documents


Compare the detail of this fake document with Gerhard Glocke's original (pictured left). Spot the differences. Readers may draw their own conclusions ...........

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