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Portrait of an NCO in the Tannenberg unit


Introduced on 5 September 1939 by Luftwaffen -Verordnungsblatt Nr 42C, Order Nr 813, this cuffband was authorized for all members of Aufklärungsgruppe 10.

The photograph above shows a NCO wearing an extremely rare variant of the Tannenberg cuffband in which the letters "... ppe" are just visible.  This might simply be "Gruppe", however judging by the position of "Tannenberg" it could be the full text "Aufklärungsgruppe" - see the pic below. 

The standard cuffband bore the inscription “Tannenberg” in Gothic script lettering on a dark blue band and was worn on the lower right sleeve. The title commemorated the great encirclement victory at Tannenberg in East Prussia in August 1914.

Nice and rare TANNENBERG cufftitle for officer

A "Tannenberg" Leutnant's fliegerbluse

Officers of AG 10 "Tannenberg" - Note that two of these men are wearing the unit cuffband

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